About Agrisoma

Leading the way in biofuel feedstock.

“First and foremost, we are a crop company.”


Dry Canola

We develop and sell seed for a crop called Brassica carinata – a non-food, industrial oilseed that delivers high-quality oil that is ideal for use in the biofuel industry, and high-quality protein that is used as animal feed.

We have commercialized elite lines of this crop under the brand name Resonance carinata.

Known as a “drop-in” crop, Resonance brand carinata requires no specialized production and processing techniques or equipment. Farmers can plant it, care for it and harvest it with the equipment they already have. Grain companies can move it through systems already in place and processors can crush it in facilities that already exist.

And everyone along that value chain profits by being able to grow, sell and process a crop that is uniquely suited to the high-value biofuel market.