Why Resonance Brand Carinata?

Because the world is hungry for cleaner fuel options that make environmental, economic and agronomic sense.

Why Carinata

Resonance brand carinata offers a solution to the growing problem of providing clean energy to a growing population without using more land, without asking farmers to change how they farm, and without needing specialized processing plants.

Plus, the Resonance brand carinata is not a food crop, so it’s not a food source that’s being “wasted” on fuel production.

Resonance brand carinata is grown, shipped and crushed like any other oilseed crop, using existing farming methods, existing delivery methods and logistics, and existing processing facilities.

That makes it a stable, uniform, abundant and economic feedstock that provides real economic value for everyone in the production chain, from farmer to grain handler to processor to biofuel consumer.

Why Resonance brand carinata?

Because Agrisoma has proven it works in today’s global biofuel market:

  • Three years of commercial seed sales across multiple regions, and commercial partnerships in place around the world.
  • More than 2 million litres of carinata biofuel in the retail pumps of the largest biodiesel manufacturer in the United States (resulting in 800 million miles of reduced emissions).
  • The world’s first civilian flight using 100% Resonance biojet fuel (2012).
  • Carinata protein is used in commercial beef feedlots.
  • Seamless transition for farmers and oilseed processors to add carinata to their systems.