Resonance brand carinata in the field

Birds - CanolaResonance brand carinata grows well in areas that are not suited to the production of many of major food crops. It fits well into different crop rotations and helps farmers achieve better and more sustainable overall land use, while growing a profitable crop.




Resonance brand carinata:

  • is a high-yielding oilseed crop that can be “dropped in” to existing farming practice
  • is extremely tolerant of heat and drought and resistant to many insects and diseases, making it:
    well-adapted to semi-arid areas where land is often under zero-till and often fallowed, and

    a good winter cover crop in subtropical regions, allowing farmers to produce an additional crop without affecting food production
  • gives farmers an opportunity to include an oilseed crop to their rotations for a more diversified production system and improved farm income
  • takes advantage of existing production practices in multiple geographies – no special production methods required
  • uses the existing global infrastructure for collection, processing and distribution to end users – no special production facilities required
  • produces a low-fibre, high-protein byproduct, carinata protein, that has a ready market in the animal feed sector.