Resonance Brand Carinata Varieties

An industrial oilseed that’s well suited to semi-arid growing regions with good resistance to biotic stressors, like insects and disease, as well as abiotic stressors, such as drought and heat, Resonance brand carinata gives producers an opportunity to add a profitable oilseed into their rotations. All varieties have a larger seed size, compared to other Brassica crops, and offer good resistance to pod shatter and lodging, making them both excellent candidates for straight cutting and easier harvestability.

Our varieties are hardy performers across multiple production regions.  Carinata varieties are highly branching with medium to tall plant height and consistent performance across multiple sites and across diverse growing conditions.  We offer varieties that are proven to be resistant to frost.

Agrisoma operates nurseries and variety trails in multiple locations in Canada, United States, Chile, Uruguay, Australia and Europe, enabling rapid selection of regionally adapted varieties.

Agrisoma has varieties that are specifically adapted to each production region.  Current varieties are open-pollinated lines that are regionally selected.  For details related to production practices and varieties, please refer to our production manuals.

Download Production Manuals

Production Manual – Canada

Production Manual – US – Northern Plains

Production Manual – Southeastern US