Because the world is hungry for cleaner fuel options that make environmental and economic sense.


Carinata offers a solution to the growing problem of providing clean source of feedstock to the biofuels industry that works with the existing energy infrastructure. It is sustainably produced without diverting food production, or supplanting a farmer's main crop. Additionally, it allows farmers to contribute to their country's energy security.

Carinata is one of only a small number of crops, and the first oilseed crop, to be certified sustainable by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB), according to the rules set out by the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED). It’s a significant achievement and one that places Agrisoma's Carinata products at the forefront of the biofuel industry.

The Benefits of Carinata

Why Farmers Choose Carinata

Think about it: a hardy oilseed crop that’s well suited to growing in hot and dry regions with innate resistance to frost, drought, insects and disease. Carinata also gives farmers in milder climates an opportunity to add a winter crop without affecting main crops. Northern climates gain a robust rotation option with high biomass, providing a productive alternative and nutritional boosts that can improve crops that follow.

Agrisoma is operating in Canada, United States, South America, Australia and Europe.

Why Farmers Choose Carinata

Carinata is a high-yielding oilseed crop that can be "dropped in" to existing farming practice. Growing Carinata gives farmers an opportunity to include an oilseed crop to their rotations for a more diversified production system and improved farm income. There are no special production or harvesting methods required. It’s the same practices, same equipment with improved soil dynamics.

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