The Carinata Value Chain


It starts with the crop.

Agrisoma has been developing Carinata for over 15 years with the most advanced technologies and industry tools. Agrisoma has created a leadership position as the global experts for Carinata, a groundbreaking energy crop.


Carinata benefits the farmer and the land.

Carinata fits into smart, sustainable crop rotations, and with it's dense root structure and high biomass, is more efficient at returning greenhouse gases from the air and to the land while rejuvenating soil and preventing erosion.


Logistics is simple.

Carinata grain is planted, harvested and elevated exactly the same as other major crops. Leveraging supply chains already in place, Carinata is being adopted globally at a rapid rate.


Processors want Carinata.

It is processed identically to other major oilseeds in existing facilities. A more reliable crop means a more reliable feedstock, processors can bank on Carinata.


Want cleaner skies?

Carinata oil converted to Carinata biojet and renewable diesel is a cleaner burning, likely carbon negative fuel. It's also a highly efficient, thrust boosting fuel that powers both commercial and military planes to fly farther, faster and longer.


The world needs more protein.

Carinata meal is the solution. It is a government approved animal feed that vastly exceeds protein content in similar crops, making for a nutritious and sustainably produced feed product.

We’re excited to bring Carinata to the world.

Agrisoma and our partners are eager for the world to experience this revolutionary energy crop. We know it works, and now that Carinata production is commercial, you will too.

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