Carinata winter cover crop program

Carinata has been under production in the Southeastern USA since 2014. It has been demonstrated to be an excellent winter crop, with good argronomic fit. For information regarding the production of Carinata in your regions, current contracts, pricing and programs, please contact:

Scott Loney, Business Development ManagerContractor Registration logo

Office: 819-205-7795 ext: 220

Cell: 226-201-0121


Christine Bliss, US Agronomist

Cell: 850-559-7118


Jeff Klingenberg, Vice-President, Agronomy & Plant Breeding

Office: 229-386-1334

Cell: 843-269-7425

Production Manual – Southeastern US

Or contact Agrisoma through our web site or call 1-819-205-7795 ext. 200.