What’s next

Three years of commercial seed sales and biofuel production in North America have shown that Resonance brand carinata has a market – on the farm as well as with biofuel customers – and is unique in its ability to deliver on the biofuel promise.

Agrisoma’s focus is firmly on moving this crop forward on a global basis.

  • Global scaling. Agrisoma has key, global commercial partnerships in place to expand Resonance brand carinata production to southern USA, South America, Australia, and western Europe.
  • Replace the use of food crops for biofuel production. The expansion of carinata production will keep more food crops from being used for the biodiesel and biojet fuel markets, helping to enhance global food supply, security and sustainability.
  • Better and more sustainable production. Agrisoma continually advanced the agronomic practices for Carinata and improves crop production practices to maximize yields and maximize GHG benefits. We operate an extensive field program that continually monitors and optimizes crop production practices
  • We believe that Carinata is the most sustainable crop in the world for the biofuels industry and brings additional value through the production of sustainable animal feed.