We are leading the way in expanding low carbon solutions for the biofuel industry. The biofuels industry continues to expand while to date the majority of biofuels have been made by converting portions of crops like corn, soybean or canola into biofuels.

We have a better solution: Carinata, a non-food crop that can be grown when or where food crops are not. We complement the existing production system and create opportunities for farmers to add Carinata to existing rotations. A new source of income, a beneficial crop in rotations, and a crop that is grown using sustainable agricultural practices that provides a low Greenhouse Gas (GHG) feedstock for the biofuels industry.

Agrisoma has the world’s largest collection of Carinata and an extensive modern crop improvement program that allows us to select high yielding varieties ideally suited for production across a broad range of geographies.

Agrisoma is making an impact: we have commercialized Carinata in North and South America, working with hundreds of farmers on over 50,000 acres of production, Carinata works. We have created a supply chain that meets the global demand for sustainably produced, low GHG feedstocks and animal nutrition, while providing economic benefits to farmers and their families.

Carinata provides one of the lowest carbon feedstocks available to the biofuels industry and a feedstock optimized for efficient biofuel production. Carinata oil has been converted into millions of litres of diesel and jet fuels with significant GHG savings over the displaced petroleum fuels. To date Carinata biofuels have saved the equivalent of 100,000,000 miles of fossil fuel for the average vehicle. More than 50 million pounds of Carinata protein, which is one of the few sources of non-GMO protein available at scale, has been fed to animals.

Carinata is sustainable: Agrisoma is a proud member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), an independent and global multi-stakeholder coalition which works to promote the sustainability of biomaterials. Carinata was the first oilseed in the world to achieve certification with the RSB. We have led the world in developing a new wave of sustainable feedstocks for the biofuels industry and continue to raise the bar with our commitment to the environment.

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