We are leading the way in expanding low carbon solutions for the biofuel industry. The biofuels industry continues to expand while to date the majority of biofuels have been made by converting portions of crops like corn, soybean or canola into biofuels.

Agrisoma has pioneered the development of new crop solutions and technologies that allow for sustainable crop production, particularly for oilseed crops, which are typically used in the production of biofuels.  Agrisoma technology has the potential to increase crop yields and increase oil content in oilseeds.

Agrisoma has created novel technology for the engineering of crops that can be applied for biofuel solutions.  The technology, protected by United State Patents 8,546,645 and 10,081,815 enable the precise engineering of crops to create more productive and sustainable crop varieties, including Brassica oilseeds and soybean oilseed crops.

Agrisoma technology offers potential benefits in yield and oil quality and this technology is unique to Agrisoma.  Agrisoma has applied this technology to cruciferous oilseeds, including canola and carinata, two crops grown for oil.  Canola is a crop grown for food oil and carinata is a non-food crop grown for industrial oil.

Oilseed crops like carinata can be grown using sustainable agricultural practices to provide a low Greenhouse Gas (GHG) feedstock for the biofuels industry.  Agrisoma has developed practices for growing carinata under the best practices for producing low carbon solutions for biofuel industry.

Agrisoma offers carinata through our exclusive partners.

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