Sustainable Agriculture

Agrisoma has focused on creating new crop options for growers that utilize sustainable production practices that include low inputs and growth of crops in the off season.

Agricultural sustainability is complex and includes economics, social and environmental aspects. It requires stewardship, diversity and new ideas.

Agrisoma is focused on creating crops that promote and build healthy soils, have good water management properties and are less reliant on chemical inputs.

To accomplish this requires a combination of superior crop genetics and practices that allows for more sustainable production.

Agrisoma has utilized Brassica carinata to build such systems, and has found that production of Brassica carinata as a second crop provides sustainability advantages.

However, Agrisoma also recognizes that sustainability is local and requires a local approach and continues to evaluate opportunities for production of sustainably produced biofuel crops.  There is no singular solution but instead multiple approaches to achieve the common goal of a more sustainable agricultural industry.

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